DC motors and controls are not a growth business.  Many repair facilities do little
or no DC motor repair and do not seek DC repair opportunities.

Cartey Electric Motors has always repaired and serviced DC motors.   Cartey
Electric Motors understands the language of DC motors - - shunt wound, stab
shunt wound, compound wound, fields, brushes and the list continues.

Experience is a key element in the successful repair of DC motors - just because
the DC motor rotates doesn't mean it will pull the load.
We welcome DC motor repair
On site dynamometer testing available
DC motor support products - brushes, brush holders, tach/encoders available
Call us today to discuss your DC motor solutions
DC armature commutator being turned
and undercut at Cartey Electric Motors.

In house machining reduces turnaround
time - getting our customers back into
production sooner.
DC Motor Repair

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